Real Problems, Real Solutions for Climate Resilient Transport Infrastructure

the Caribbean Climate Resiliency Roundtable webinar, where like-minded professionals and transport officials involved in the Caribbean communities collaborate on climate resiliency issues and solutions and share and learn with a robust group with diverse knowledge for the region’s benefit.

Building off what we heard at the 2023 Caribbean Congress in the Bahamas and continuing our initial discussions in November to advance implementing solutions and policies for the greater region. In our second roundtable, representatives from various island countries will provide insights into current solutions for others to learn from. Participants can appreciate that there are similarities across the Caribbean and that there is room for greater collaboration across the region.

Key discussion goals:
Each speaker presented their island/project’s key issues regarding vulnerability, risks and resiliency needs.

  • What gaps do they have in approaching climate resiliency (e.g. data, buy-in, funding, capacity, etc.)
  • What are some of the solutions they are considering or have applied?
  • Where is there room for improvement or areas for regional collaboration?

There is no replacement for knowledge share and experience, and that was well demonstrated by the panellists: Keeshan Ramkissoon, Associate Director – Civil Engineer, Beston (Trinidad & Tobago)Shinella Johnson, Manager, Engineering Design, Ministry of Public Works (Guyana), Gordon Keller, Geotechnical Engineer, moderated by Alex Campbell, Director of Engineering Solutions at AnyWay Solutions and hosted by Magid Elabyad, IRF Senior Vice President.

The Caribbean Climate Resiliency Community of Practice Round Table Series was created to engage with the Caribbean Region as a platform to help prosper knowledge sharing and create resilient pavement infrastructure. 

Join us quarterly! The next event will be June 2024

For more than two decades, AnyWay has been a global expert in providing climate-resilient solutions to the global transport infrastructure industry. AnyWay is a member of the Canadian Metrontario Group of Companies, with over 75 years of business experience. Its total commitment to quality is what has fueled AnyWay’s success.