Roundtable #1:

Roadmap to Climate Resilient Transport Infrastructure – Introducing the Community of Practice

AnyWay Solutions kicked off the inaugural Caribbean Climate Resiliency Roundtable with the International Road Federation (IRF). A group of professionals and transport officials from Caribbean communities came together for the first discussion on climate resiliency. The participants collaborated on identifying potential solutions and shared their knowledge and insights for the benefit of the region. This is the first of a series of discussions aimed at addressing the challenges posed by climate change in the Caribbean.


The Caribbean is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change and has recognized that the time for action is upon them. Roads are critical to economic prosperity, but also for social and health services and access to education. Roads are also crucial in the region for disaster relief and response, which further emphasizes the criticality of having a well-functioning pavement network. Implementing climate resiliency into pavement networks to accommodate for an uncertain climate future is complex, but there is a unified consensus amongst stakeholders that it is necessary to ensure that pavement assets are preserved as the Caribbean continues to develop. With so many moving pieces, including stakeholders, issues, problems and solutions, a need presented itself to create a forum whereby collaboration amongst like-minded professionals and stakeholders involved in ensuring the sustainability and resiliency of Caribbean transportation systems could share and learn from each other to create a unified Caribbean Road community. 


There is no replacement for knowledge share and experience, and that was well demonstrated by the panellists: William Ashby of the Caribbean Development Bank, Frederico Pedroso of The World Bank, Pablo Guerrero of IADB Bank and Mr. Mark Cummins, Senior Planning Consultant, moderated by Alex Campbell, Director of Engineering Solutions at AnyWay Solutions and hosted by Magid Elabyad, IRF Senior Vice President.



  • How much resiliency can we afford
  • The time to invest is now and funding is available
  • Capacity restraints and building in the region

The Caribbean Climate Resiliency Community of Practice Round Table Series was created to engage with the Caribbean Region as a platform to help prosper knowledge sharing and create resilient pavement infrastructure. 

Join us quarterly! The next event will be January/February 2024