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For almost two decades, AnyWay has garnered extensive experience in climate resilient infrastructure projects around the world. We specialize in delivering effective solutions – often in extremely challenging conditions – for rehabilitating and recycling roads. Our clients include national and local governmental authorities, resources companies, engineering firms and private companies.


Pavement Recycling

We help identify ways to recycle existing pavement structures while upgrading them to contemporary designs that withstand climate impacts. This method saves costs and construction time while minimizing your project’s environmental footprint.

Feeder Roads

Enhancing the development of feeder roads, and strengthening them to withstand an array of changing climates can have a positive influence on the local economy. Tropical or arid, no matter what the conditions are, we are here to provide you with feeder road solutions for your road network. Don’t let your roads get in your way.

Urban Roads

Minimize the time, cost and environmental footprint of your projects with climate-resilient urban roads that withstand the test of time. With AnyWay as your partner, you will achieve these goals and also avoid causing colossal damage to the surrounding roads in the process.

Mining Roads

Premature deterioration of mining roads leads to the slowing down of mine traffic and productivity. We identify approaches that lead to more resilient mining roads, including recycling and upgrading the existing roads to the quality you need for your mine.

Railways, Ports and Airports

Our solutions can be implemented as part of large complex transportation projects such as rail, port and airways. Whether it is upgrading runways or strengthening pavements under railways to help them withstand climate impacts, we have done it all.

Pavement Stabilization

All transportation infrastructure projects can benefit from pavement stabilization that helps strengthen roads and allow them to become resilient to the effects of climate change. Using the latest products and technologies, we can help integrate pavement stabilization into your overall project design.

Rehabilitation and Upgrading

Once a road has seen its fair share of climate events and usage over the years, or its original design didn’t account for future resiliency, it starts to deteriorate.  Upgrading and rehabilitation repurposes an existing road bringing it back up to standards and endure the effects of climate change. A well-maintained road is safer and an important factor in accident prevention. Fewer collisions mean fewer injuries and a lower risk of fatality.