Introducing AnyWay’s PathWay – A Low Carbon Emission Concrete Solution

Concrete, the second most widely used material on Earth after water, has a significant environmental impact. The production of Portland cement, a key component of concrete, is responsible for about 8% of global carbon emissions. In the face of the urgent challenge, achieving carbon neutrality, or net-zero carbon emissions, has become a crucial goal in the global fight against climate change.

With a global commitment to reducing GHGs and the pressure on the cement and traditional concrete industry to reduce carbon emissions, a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 has been established. To achieve this goal, the industry looks at the complete value chain of concrete production. This includes the need to produce low-carbon concrete mixes, optimize designs for the lowest life cycle emissions, increase the use of alternative fuels, use renewable energy in cement production, and introduce new cement mixes.

AnyWay Solutions is thrilled to announce a new patent for our product PathWay, a low-carbon emission mix optimization approach concrete designed for rigid walkways and paths with a cumulative impact on embodied carbon that is significant.

Unlike previous approaches to reducing concrete’s carbon emissions, primarily focused on reducing Portland cement within the mix, our patented invention takes an entirely different route. We’ve not only changed the ingredients in the mix, aggregates, and binder but also reduced elements of its application process, further contributing to the overall reduction of its carbon footprint. This unique approach sets PathWay apart, offering a substantially reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional concrete, making it a sustainable choice for construction projects.

“As a company, we continuously look at ways to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a comprehensive approach to enhancing climate resiliency for transport infrastructure, including developing unique patented technologies and solutions. PathWay is our way of reducing carbon emissions globally and significantly contributing to the climate action goal (SDG 13). We’ve developed a solution for rigid walkways that significantly reduces carbon emissions and minimizes the environmental impact of construction. By utilizing recycled materials and eliminating the need for certain traditional construction components, we’re making a positive difference for the environment.” Zeevik Halber, AnyWay CEO.

Greenhouse gas emissions will continue to increase without critical steps to shift economies towards carbon neutrality. Anyway Solutions is expanding its climate action in the transport infrastructure industry to positively impact our world through our unique approach and materials.