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It is our global exposure to technologies and cultures that enables us to succeed in challenging environments and complex projects. Our international, multi-ethnic technical team is the driving force behind our success – past, present and future.

Specialist team

Climate-resilient design of transportation infrastructure is our niche. We have been specializing in providing engineering solutions since our inception.

Knowledge sharing

Transferring skills and knowledge to local professionals is key to our supply of services.

Localize the solutions

We seek to maximize local knowledge, workforce and materials in our designs and solutions to minimize the environmental footprint of your projects.

Quality results

By integrating innovative solutions, we enhance the climate resiliency of transport infrastructure - quality in all project phases.

Our People

AnyWay strives to recruit and assemble the best talent from all parts of the world. Our multinational team includes experts from Canada, the US, Israel, Africa and Asia, with experience in diverse cultures, languages and landscapes. The AnyWay team members have been involved in projects with a lasting positive impact on their surrounding communities. We have a demonstrated record of successfully completing projects incorporating climate resiliency into the design process, with diligent quality control throughout the construction process.

Innovative Technologies

Using innovative technology, such as satellite technology, to analyze conditions from space allows AnyWay to take a broader view of transport infrastructure projects. This allows our team of experts to deliver comprehensive designs that consider the effects of future climate events and historical data. On-ground technologies and techniques we have developed and continue to develop are implemented as part of the climate-resilient engineering approach, taking into consideration a wider perspective of the surroundings and well as materials.

Our determination to incorporate innovative technologies and techniques in our designs makes us experts in what we do.

Our Research

Over the past two decades, we have invested in developing specific technologies and techniques which have been implemented in the designs we provide to our clients. These innovations make our client’s projects more impervious to the effects of climate change. We continue to invest in further advancements as the resiliency requirements of the global transport infrastructure sector continue to increase.