Rehabilitating roads in Accra, Ghana, with recycled materials 

Accra Ghana Roads

The overall pavement infrastructure in Accra, Ghana, requires upgrading. Ageing roads and climate impacts have caused cracking, potholes and surface deterioration. Overloading from vehicles, using inadequate materials to construct the road, and improper drainage can cause failures. One way to avoid failures and improve pavement infrastructure is to rehabilitate them, reusing the assets within the deteriorated roads.    

Using soil recycling and stabilization techniques to strengthen road pavements 
In-situ pavement recycling reuses previously placed road materials (base, sub-base) followed by stabilization and a new surface seal to create long-lasting quality roads with lower costs than newly constructed pavements. This technique breaks up and aggregates the pavement to a specific depth and reuses it to create a new aggregate material to construct the road moving forward. Stabilizers add strength, durability and robustness to the base course. The process is faster than full reconstruction, allowing roads to reopen sooner and allowing regions to reallocate budgets to other necessary transportation projects.  

Presenting at the 3rd IRF Africa Regional Congress and Exhibition 

Rehabilitation of highly distressed urban roads in Accra, Ghana using in-situ soil recycling with hydraulic soil stabilization.  –  Presentation by Zeevik Halber, CEO
April 26th, 2023 @ 11:45 AM GMT

In this presentation, we will draw upon our experience rehabilitating roads in Accra, Ghana. To do this, we determined the primary cause of the road failure so that we could provide solutions to prevent this from happening again. This proactive approach addresses the root cause and provides suitable rehabilitation solutions to address the issues. Using soil recyclers has proven to be a worthy investment for this region and will provide long-term cost savings through minimized future maintenance.    

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