AnyWay Wins 2023 Excellence in Roads African Award for Resilient Infrastructure

The AnyWay team was honoured to accept the inaugural award in the “Resilient Infrastructure” category on behalf of AnyWay and the Ministry of Roads and Highways at the 3rd IRF Africa Regional Congress this April. Our CEO, Zeevik Halber, was present at the award ceremony to accept the 2023 Excellence in Roads African Award for our project; Design and project supervision of road pavements rehabilitation and upgrading through in-situ stabilization of 11.5 km of roads in South La and Community 18 and 20.

AnyWay’s impact on the project: AnyWay was contracted as the main contractor and employed a local construction company for the complete construction works under its supervision. We identified the primary reason for the premature failure of pavements, including out-of-specification materials and inadequate drainage. With increasing rainfall due to climate change, the drainage structures incorporated into existing pavement infrastructure were proving insufficient. AnyWay introduced a design that rehabilitated and upgraded the engineering properties of existing pavement materials. The upgraded pavements became bound sub-base which, together with a new base course layer and surfacing, can adequately accommodate future intense rainfall events. This is part of AnyWay’s dedication to climate-resilient infrastructure. In addition to pavement design services, AnyWay was on site throughout the construction process to ensure that the appropriate quality was achieved for the project. This will allow the pavement to have an excellent return on investment.

The award submissions are evaluated by an independent, international panel of judges with expertise in the roads and transportation industry. This project will set a new standard for the African continent and inspire future infrastructure development. This is an important step towards achieving resilient and reliable road networks for Africa.