AnyWay Solutions Receives Recognition from PNG – A Proud Moment ​

AnyWay Solutions Receives Recognition from PNG – A Proud Moment

We are excited to share that AnyWay Solutions was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The certificate was presented by the Prime Minister and Minister of Roads to recognize AnyWay’s outstanding work in supporting the Connect PNG initiative.

Connect PNG, led by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Roads, is focused on improving the country’s transportation network to withstand climate challenges. AnyWay Solutions played a pivotal role in assisting PNG in achieving its goals by using innovative engineering solutions, advanced techniques, and cutting-edge technologies to upgrade and rehabilitate more than 350 kilometers of roads, thus making them resilient to the effects of climate change.

This recognition showcases the immense dedication and expertise of the entire AnyWay Solutions team. Their commitment to sustainable and resilient infrastructure development has not only fulfilled the government’s vision but has also brought about tangible positive impacts on the communities and industries relying on these vital road networks.

The certificate of appreciation reflects the trust and recognition bestowed upon AnyWay Solutions by the Government of PNG. It is a testament to the collaborative efforts and strong partnership between AnyWay and the government, working hand in hand to achieve the shared goal of building a more resilient and connected nation.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Government of Papua New Guinea, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Roads and the Secretary of the Department of Roads and Highways for their vision, support, and trust in AnyWay Solutions. It is through such partnerships that we can overcome the challenges posed by climate change and create a brighter, more resilient future for all.” – Zeevik Halber, CEO

As we celebrate this achievement, we are reminded of the critical role that climate resiliency plays in infrastructure development. AnyWay Solutions remains dedicated to continuing our mission of delivering innovative engineering solutions and expertise that empower nations to thrive in the face of climate challenges.

Together, we can build a world where transportation infrastructure not only connects people and places but also fosters sustainability, resilience, and prosperity.