AnyWay and De La Salle University Enter Partnership to Enhance Climate-Resilient Transportation

AnyWay and De La Salle University Partner to Enhance Climate Resilient Transportation

Memorandum of agreement signed between De La Salle University and AnyWay Solutions

We have partnered with De La Salle University (DLSU) – Gokongwei College of Engineering to exchange knowledge, and collaborate on climate-adaptive transportation infrastructure over the next five years. 

By signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), we have officially partnered with De La Salle University (DLSU). The partnership aims to establish knowledge exchange and collaboration programs on climate-resilient transportation infrastructure that benefit both parties over the next five years. The MOA provides a framework for us to collectively understand, collaborate, and discuss specific programs to:  

– Identify opportunities for the exchange of faculty and research staff 

– Identify other areas of possible research interest and collaboration 

– Make faculty and students aware of the educational resources offered


For the first few years, we will work together with DLSU to educate the students on various aspects of climate resiliency for transport infrastructure, including pavement design, pavement rehabilitation, low-volume roads engineering and rehabilitation and upgrading of road pavement structures through implementing techniques and technologies of soil stabilization to develop graduate research projects. A mentorship program will also be established to continue research into these topics.  

At COP28, the Philippines was highlighted as one of the nations most susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Recognizing the urgency to bolster the country’s infrastructure against these effects, DLSU sought a partnership with AnyWay Solutions, based on our 20-year track record of delivering climate-resilient transportation solutions to developing countries.

This collaboration will leverage our expertise to engage with academia and global experts in a concerted effort to fortify the nation’s resilience. By building local capabilities and introducing cutting-edge technologies to the next wave of engineers, this partnership is poised to play a pivotal role in crafting a sustainable transportation network for the Philippines that will serve future generations well. Such partnerships are instrumental in transferring knowledge and expertise to those who will continue to develop and maintain the nation’s transportation infrastructure, while also fostering research and the adoption of innovative technologies to climate resilience. 

Following the signed MOA, Zeevik Halber, AnyWay CEO was invited to appear on Business Outlook on ABS-CBN News in the Philippines. In the interview, he shares more details on the partnership and the projects and solutions that will help the Philippines strengthen their transportation infrastructure and enable it to become more resilient in the wake of climate change.

See the full interview below beginning at 10:00.

As we look to the future of our industry workforce, programs like the ones we are embarking on with the DLSU will prepare the next generation of engineers for the challenges ahead of them, specifically to benefit the Philippines and build local capacity.”  –Zeevik HalberAnyWay CEO.